De-clutter your Desktop


desktopmessIs your desktop so cluttered that you can’t find important files?
Great news!  Here’s an easy (and FREE) solution:

Make your desktop organized and free of clutter with an easy to download wallpaper.
















Responsive Web Design: What is it and why do you need it?

Responsive Web Design:  What is it and why do you need it?

With more people using iphones, tablets and other mobile devices to view websites, it’s important for your website to be responsive.  So what is a responsive website, and why is it important?

A responsive design allows your website to adapt to different devices and multiple screen sizes to give your viewers an optimal viewing experience, with appropriately sized text and photos.

twoviews is a free service that allows you to test your website to determine how it looks in many devices:

If your website is not responsive, don’t despair.  Contact Blue Salamander Solutions today and we can move your old site to a responsive platform.

If you have Windows XP, your computer is at risk


ID-10082591Support for Windows XP ends on April 8. 2014.  After this date, you will no longer be able to receive technical assistance from Microsoft.  More importantly, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for this version of Windows, which means that your computer will be at risk for malware and viruses.  Furthermore, as more software and hardware manufacturers continue to optimize for more recent versions of Windows, you can expect to encounter greater numbers of apps and devices that do not work with Windows XP.



How Do I Know Which Windows Version I Am Using?  For Windows Vista, 7 and 8, go to Start, then type Winver.  For XP, go to Start, then Run, then type Winver

What can I do if I have Windows XP?  Upgrade to a newer version of Windows.

How do I know if my system will support a newer version of Windows?   Go to the Microsoft website and search for Upgrade Assistant

If you need assistance, contact Blue Salamander Solutions, LLC at

Spy vs. Spy: “Eyes Only” Email and Texts


ImageHardly a week goes by that we don’t read about a celebrity, political figure, or influential person (I’m looking at you, General Petraeus) who commits professional suicide by sending inappropriate photos or salacious messages via text or email.  Of course, there is one obvious method of preventing TMZ from publicizing your questionable correspondence–don’t send it .  There are, however, times that you might need to send sensitive information, such as an account number,  social security number,  or directions to the pile of gold buried in your backyard.   So how can you electronically send “Eyes Only”  information without risking public exposure?

There are several services that allow you to send email messages and text messages that will not only self-destruct, but prevent the recipient from forwarding or printing the message.  If only the CIA had known about these free services….


Burn Note   If you ever want send sensitive information, Burn Note might be the answer.  Burn Note allows you to send  email messages that self delete once they are read.

One   One allows you to send encrypted data that is self destructs after one use.  It’s very easy to use and is great for sending your classified information.

Vapor Stream  Vapor Stream allows you to send text messages or emails that disappear from your device the moment that they are sent and disappear from the recipient’s device when they are read.  This app does not allow the messages to be printed or forwarded, and messages are not stored on secondary servers. 

 The moral of the story is this:  When in doubt, use the “Grandma Standard.”    If it’s a message that you wouldn’t want your grandma to read, don’t send it, but if you must, do it with caution.

How do Google’s Penguin and Panda Updates Affect Your Website Ranking?


ImageWebmasters, website owners, and SEO marketers have valid concerns about Google’s  Panda and Penguin updates.  What do these updates mean and how do they affect your website ranking?

Panda:  Google’s Panda algorithm was implemented in February of 2011 with the purpose of ending “content farms” and phony link-building schemes. This was Google’s attempt to create an algorithm that gives you, the searcher, the freshest and most relevant search results.  The people who were most affected by the Panda update were the SEO firms themselves, although large companies, such as J.C. Penney’s and Overstock have been penalized for engaging in duplicitous link-building schemes.

Penguin:  Penguin was implemented in April of 2012.  This algorithm penalizes and devalues websites that use black hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, phony link-building schemes, and cloaking.  According to a Google representative, [it] ” seeks to penalizes those who  ‘break the rules’ or try to get around Google’s algorithm.”

How do Penguin and Panda affect you? They probably won’t affect you–unless you’re trying to beat the system.  If you’re using authentic keywords, original content, and have legitimate incoming links, itt’s unlikely that your website will lose its ranking

How to lose your Google ranking:

.   Phony link-building schemes

.   Bogus articles (duplicate content)

.   Misleading keywords

.   Misleading pay-per-click ads

.   Malware

So, if you want to win with Google, then play fair, play nice, and don’t lie.  Isn’t that what we learned in kindergarten?