Ten Cool Google Tricks


Ten Cool Google Tricks

  1. Want to search for people who look like you?  Go to Google Images, then click the camera to upload a photo of yourself and find what Google considers to be visually similar images.
  2. Have you ever done a barrel roll?  You can with this neat Google trick. Type “Do a Barrel Roll”  in the Google search bar.  You might want to take some Dramamine before you do this–the page spins around.
  3. Have you ever Googled underwater?  You can if you  follow this link: http://elgoog.im/underwater/.  Type your search words and watch what happens.
  4. Is Google afraid of Chuck Norris?  Type Google Chuck Norris into the search bar and you’ll get this:  “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.
  5. Is “one” really the loneliest number?  Do a Google search for the loneliest number and you’ll find out.
  6. Need a quick ego boost?  Do a search for who is the cutest?
  7. If you ever want to find out the definition of recursion, Google has a clever surprise for you.  Recursion is the process of repeating items in a self-similar way, like mirrors facing each other, and when you search for this word, you’ll get this:Did you mean: recursion . Click the link, and you’ll get stuck in a never-ending loop.
  8. Too lazy to look at your watch?  Ask Google What time is it and you’ll get your answer.
  9. Have you ever Googled things in a mirror image?  Go to http://elgoog.im/ and you’ll see things from a new perspective.
  10. Want  to Google things from a different perspective?  Type tilt or askew in the search bar, and see what happens.

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